Enkou dating

Enkou dating A dating app that is a hotbed for dating

Dating sites are delivering apps that can be used on smartphones!

When using dating on a computer site, there are many places where writing is prohibited when dating aid. On the contrary, dating by apps such as smartphones can be used for free. I don’t know if it’s out of control because there are so many users, or if the app itself is still young and not regulated, but free dating apps are overwhelmingly more popular than paid dating sites. Is happening.

Why the app is free to use

The apps provided by dating sites are charged if they are major companies, but since functions other than messages can be handled almost free of charge, they are used for saffle and dating.

Many companies earn “advertising revenue” where this app is completely free. It is profitable for the company by tapping the application that is being used or inserting an advertisement.

Previously, a famous site provided it for free, but now it is difficult to find such a place. Even if there is, there is a high possibility that there are vendors and cherry blossoms.

In that respect, the app is different from the site. The app is downloadable and can be used without age verification. Even if the infrastructure is in place, it will take time for regulations to be applied.

The app is a loophole in the law

There is a dating site regulation law, but since the exchange within the app does not apply, it often does not apply to the law. (Reference site Summary of dating apps used as compensated dating apps)

For example, one of the regulatory laws, “one-to-one exchange of heterosexual relationships,” does not apply to bulletin boards. This is because the bulletin board recruitment does not necessarily interact with a specific opposite sex, and an unspecified number of people can be seen.

If you are in the app, even if you write an email address, ID, phone number, etc., it does not apply. The app was a loophole in the law, as the site was the main source of the law.

Some of the apps distributed by dating sites are free, so it may be an opportunity while the regulations are not in place. However, we recommend that you be careful and careful when using the app instead.